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Education News: BPSC TRE Result: 1965 successful in Bihar Teacher Exam Result 9th and 10th SST cutoff reached 102 very high – BPSC TRE: 1965 candidates successful in Bihar Teacher Recruitment 9th and 10th SST, cutoff of this subject reached 102


In the second phase of teacher appointment examination, BPSC on Tuesday conducted examinations for subjects of 9th to 10th social science of secondary and Urdu, English, Hindi, Geography, Accounting, Political Science, Persian, Computer Science (Education and SC) of higher secondary school (class 11- 12). ST Department) subject result released. In Social Sciences, 1965 candidates have been declared successful for Secondary School under the Department of Education, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Welfare Department. Its cutoff has gone very high. The cutoff for general was 83 marks. District allotment of successful candidates has also been declared.

Result of BC EBC Welfare Department of class 9-10 English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science, Physical Education and class 11-12 English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Sociology, Political Science. Result of Home Science, Economics, Accountancy released.

Class 9-10 Social Science Cutoff
category cutoff marks
general 83
General (Female) 76
EWS 78
EWS (Women) 72
sc 68
SC (Women) 60
ST 60
ST (Female) 61
ebc 77
EBC (Female) 69
bc 80
BC (Women) 72
bcl 71

Bihar Teacher Recruitment: Sushil Kumar, who won Rs 5 crore in KBC, selected in two sections of BPSC TRE 2.0

Welfare Department 555 candidates successful
BPSC has released the result of the second phase of teacher recruitment examination for secondary (9th to 10th) and higher secondary (11th to 12th) schools under the Backward and Most Backward Classes Welfare Department. In classes 9th to 10th, 31-31 candidates have been selected in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science and Physical Education. A total of 155 candidates were successful in this. At the same time, 400 candidates were selected in total 13 subjects from class 11th to 12th.

Mathematics cutoff crosses 100

31 candidates have been selected in the Mathematics subject of Higher Secondary School (11th and 12th class) of the Backward Class and Most Backward Class Welfare Department, which was held on 15 December 2023. In this, the cutoff of unreserved category has reached 102. See the cutoff of Maths subject of this class

Category Cutoff Part-3 Date of Birth
Unreserved 102.00 75.00 10/01/1997
Unreserved (Female) 95.00 71.00 26/01/1994
EWS 99.00 74.00 13/08/1998
EWS (Female) 86.00 62.00 22/07/1995
SC 87.00 62.00 21/08/1997
SC (Women) 76.00 55.00 04/12/1993
ST 78.00 60.00 25/11/1996
ST (Female) N/A N/A N/A
EBC 100.00 72.00 09/11/1997
EBC (Female) 90.00 62.00 19/02/1997
BC 98.00 72.00 15/12/1997
BC (Women) 90.00 67.00 15/07/1999
BCL 89.00 68.00 03/08/1995
Disabled (VI) 68.00 47.00 02/01/1994
Disabled (DD) N/A N/A N/A
Disabled (OH) N/A N/A N/A
Disabled (MD) N/A N/A N/A
Grandson of former freedom fighter 79.00 54.00 25/12/1988