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Education News: Bihar Teacher Result Counselling: File BPSC TRE complaint between 3rd to 13th also chance for document correction – Bihar Teacher Recruitment: File BPSC TRE complaint between 3rd to 13th, also chance for document correction


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Bihar Public Service Commission has released the results of all categories of the second phase teacher recruitment examination. The process of counseling is going on. Meanwhile, on Thursday, BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad tweeted on social media platform Apart from this, BPSC has given one more chance to the successful candidates in TRE to make corrections in their uploaded documents. The Commission has said that this is the last chance.

BPSC Chairman tweeted, ‘We are aware that some TRE candidates have made major mistakes in uploading their documents. Our portal will remain open for successful candidates as a last chance to get it right –
1. December 30 to January 1 for TRE 1.0 Supplementary.
2. 3rd January to 7th January 2024 for successful candidates of TRE 2.0.

On Wednesday, Atul Prasad congratulated all the successful candidates of Teacher Recruitment 2.0. He said, ‘You have created history and you will shape the future of Bihar. Therefore, never forget that with great success also comes great responsibilities.

BPSC bans 3 years on 413 candidates of Bihar teacher recruitment
Bihar Public Service Commission has banned 171 teacher candidates for one year and 413 for three years. These candidates had made baseless and misleading allegations on the result of (TRE-1). Explanation was sought from these candidates by the Commission, after which this action was taken. These candidates will no longer be able to appear in any examination conducted by the Commission. Bihar Public Commission said in the order issued that after the publication of the result of TRE-1, some candidates had contacted the Commission by telephone and in person and informed that despite their score being more than the cutoff of the published result, they had not been selected. In this regard, the Commission sought online objections along with affidavits and evidence from 29 November to 12 December.

Objection applications were received from 1756 candidates. Investigation found that out of these, 741 applications were submitted without affidavit. After the Commission sought clarification, no reply was given from 413 candidates. BPSC has said that an attempt has been made by these candidates to hide the failure and tarnish the image of the commission. All BPSC examinations have been banned for the next three years.

If 171 admitted its mistake, it was banned for one year.
Clarification was submitted to the Commission on behalf of 171 candidates, in which it was told that they had committed a mistake unknowingly. It was said that due to failure in the examination, he could not give the affidavit due to extreme pressure and nervousness. Some said that they did not upload the affidavit by mistake. Considering the mistake, a request was made to exempt him from explanation. BPSC banned all these candidates for one year.