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Education News: Bihar Teacher Recruitment Exam: in BPSC TRE the number of teachers joining school has crossed 1 lakh – Bihar Teacher Recruitment: The number of teachers joining BPSC TRE selected has crossed 1 lakh


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The number of teachers selected by Bihar Public Service Commission in the first phase has crossed one lakh. The Education Department called the teachers left on the district wise portal to Patna, checked their documents and registered their names. It was learned that there are many teachers in different districts who contributed to the school but their names could not be uploaded on the portal by the districts. After adding such names, the number of teachers with contributions has crossed one lakh.

Earlier, the number of teachers who contributed from the districts to the Education Department was said to be 97 thousand 296. Meanwhile, the department received information that the information about the contribution of many teachers is not recorded by the districts on the portal. After this, the department formed a committee and called the vacant teachers to Patna and made an effort to upload their names on the portal. The department will soon prepare a final list with the teachers who have contributed district wise, in which their actual number will be known. The department had set December 7 as the last date for the selected teachers to contribute. The department had instructed that it would give complete information in writing to the district about the teachers who contributed to the school. After this, the list of teachers at the district level will be uploaded on the respective portal. It will contain information about the names of teachers and the date of contribution. After this date the portal was closed by the department.

It is known that the number of teachers selected in the first phase is 1 lakh 20 thousand 336. There are about 28 thousand 800 such selected teachers, who are already employed. There are many among them who do not want to go to the districts allotted by the Commission and remain employed at their previous place. Therefore, the total number of contributors is about 20 thousand less than the total selected. In the first phase, 70,545 teachers have been selected in primary, 26,089 in secondary and 19,877 in higher secondary. Meanwhile, the counseling of teacher candidates selected in the second phase is going on from December 26.