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Education News: Bihar Teacher Recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers thumb impression checking today documents list – Bihar Teacher Recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers’ thumb impression checking from today, will have to bring these documents.


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The thumb check of teachers appointed in the first phase of BPSC Bihar teacher recruitment will be done from Thursday. DEO Ajay Kumar Singh issued instructions for this. This investigation is being started following the instructions of KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department. The Education Department had received a complaint that many people have been appointed fraudulently, hence it is necessary to investigate them. After this instruction there was a stir in the education department. The very next day of this instruction, thumb impressions of the candidates started being taken in the second phase of teacher counselling.

Thumbs of teachers will be taken in Shiksha Bhawan. Thumbs of teachers will be taken in the office of Education Department in Shiksha Bhawan. The matching of teachers’ thumbs will be done on the electronic machine from January 4 to 30. All the headmasters have been instructed to come to Shiksha Bhawan with the selected teachers of their schools. This investigation will be conducted only in the presence of the headmaster. Teachers coming to get thumb impression checked will have to bring with them appointment letter, school posting letter, admit card, Aadhar card, teacher attendance register. If the investigation is not done then action will be taken against the teacher as well as the headmaster without asking for any explanation.

Muralul teachers will be examined on the first day
On the first day, on January 4, the thumbs of teachers of Muralul will be checked. Four teachers and headmaster associated with Muralul CRC have been called. After this, teachers of Kanti, Madvan and then Mushahari will be investigated.

– The teachers of Kudhni will be examined for two days. The Education Department does not have the data of how many teachers are to be tested in Bochahan.

-Mural- 4th January
– Kanti- 5 January
– Madvan- 6 January
– Mushahari- 8th January
– Bandra-9 January
– Katra-10 January
– Kudhni- 11th and 12th January
– Sakra- 13 January
– Paru- 15, 16, 17 January
– Meenapur- 18, 19 January
– Saraiya- 20 January
– Motipur- 22 and 23 January
– Sahebganj-24 January
– Aurai- 25th and 27th January
– Gaighat- 28th and 29th January
– Bochahan- 30 January

Counseling was done for only 12 teachers
In the second phase of counselling, only 12 teachers were counseled on Wednesday. In this, counseling was done for 6 candidates from 6th to 8th, zero from 9th to 10th and six candidates from 11th and 12th.
So far, counseling of 2982 candidates has been done in Muzaffarpur district, while counseling of 707 candidates is still pending.