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Education News: BEd: 2 year special BEd course closed as nep only 4 year b ed course will get recognition by RCI – BEd: 2 year special BEd course closed in the country, now only 4 year course will get recognition.


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The 2-year special B.Ed course has been stopped in the country. Now this course will not be recognized. Only four-year special B.Ed course will be recognized from the academic session 2024-2025. Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) has issued a notice in this regard. Rehabilitation Council of India recognizes the special B.Ed courses being conducted in various educational institutions across the country. RCI has said in the circular that under the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020, the two-year special B.Ed course has now been banned. Now only four-year special B.Ed course will be recognized. There are about 1000 such institutes/universities across the country where this course is being offered.

In the circular issued by RCI Member Secretary Vikas Trivedi, it is written that NCTE has made a provision for a four-year B.Ed program in the Integrated Teachers Education Program (ITEP) under NEP-2020. In view of this, RCI has also decided to run only four-year B.Ed course. From the coming session, only four-year B.Ed (Special Education) course will be recognized by RCI.

What is special B.Ed course?
Teachers are given training to teach disabled children in the special B.Ed course. Training in this course is given keeping in mind the special needs of disabled children. In this, syllabus is conducted for people with disabilities like hearing, speech, visual impairment, mental disability etc.

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RCI has said that any institutions which want to offer a four-year integrated B.Ed special education course (like the four-year ITEP course of NCTE) will be able to apply for the next academic session. They will get a chance to apply when the online portal opens.

It is being told that NCTE is preparing a new syllabus for the special B.Ed integrated course. RCI will implement this course. The syllabus of NCTE is being designed specifically according to the needs of the students.

In this regard, Dr. Yashwant Veeroday, spokesperson of Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow, says that the decision regarding the future of the two-year B.Ed (Special Education) course will be taken in the executive council meeting of the university.