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Education Department sent vacancies to BPSC TRE-3, 87774 posts will be appointed in the third phase – Education Department sent vacancies to BPSC TRE-3, 87774 posts will be appointed in the third phase, Education News


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BPSC released subject-wise vacancies for the third phase of teacher appointment on Friday. In this phase, there will be restoration on 87774 posts. Of these, 28216 posts have been created in classes 1st to 5th (primary), 19645 in classes 6th to 8th (middle), 16970 in classes 9th to 10th (secondary) and 22373 posts in classes 11th to 12th (higher secondary). Apart from this, 65 posts have been created for special teachers. In primary classes, 15359 posts are reserved for men and 12567 for women. Whereas in the middle, 11007 posts have been reserved for men and 8638 posts have been reserved for women.

More seats in Chemistry in Science and History in Arts
The application process for teacher recruitment examination will end on 26th February. In the third phase, more than 86 thousand vacancies will be filled from class 1st to 12th. The highest number of seats in higher secondary are in Chemistry subject of Science Faculty. Whereas in the Faculty of Arts, the maximum number of seats are in History subject. This time the examination will be conducted in a total of 56 subjects. In this, there will be examination of three subjects in first to fifth, eight in sixth to eighth, 15 in secondary and 30 in higher secondary.

Seats in main subjects of Higher Secondary:

subject seat
history 1631

physics 1745
math 1149

chemistry 3424
Botany 1375

zoology 804
english 1599

hindi 1098
cs 909

psychology 1318
political science 1209

Seats in main subjects of Secondary:

subject seats
hindi 2069

english 3551
science 2969

mathematics 2030
social science 1600
Sanskrit 2209

Class and post:
First to fifth class: 28216
6th to 8th: 19645
Ninth to tenth: 16970
11th to 12th: 22373

More than four lakh applications so far:
So far, four lakh 34 thousand candidates have registered in the third phase. More than 4 lakh 20630 candidates have deposited the money. So far, more than 4 lakh 5 thousand have filled the form to appear in the final examination.

Application date also extended:
The Commission has also extended the application date. The date of registration and payment with no late fee is till 26th February. Apart from this, the last date for online application has also been extended from 23rd February to 25th February. Commission Secretary Ravi Bhushan said that vacancies have been received from the Education Department. The application date will not be extended now. Let us tell you that applications for these vacancies are being accepted by BPSC from February 7 onwards. The date of examination is also already decided. For the resumption of the third phase, the examination will be held in different phases between March 7 to 17. Admit card will be issued one week before the examination.