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Didn’t give up even after failing 5 times in UPSC Priyanka goel became IAS Officer in 6th attempt – Didn’t give up even after failing 5 times in UPSC, became IAS officer in 6th attempt, Education News


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UPSC IAS: Sometimes one has to go a long way for success. And the one who keeps moving towards his destination will definitely get success some day or the other. One such success story is that of Priyanka Goyal. Priyanka Goyal has become an IAS officer by passing the civil examination in 2022. Before this, he had given UPSC exam 5 times but was not successful. Ultimately, in his last attempt he passed this prestigious examination and proved his ability.

Priyanka grew up in Delhi and graduated with a B.Com from Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University. Immediately after completing her graduation, she started realizing her childhood dream. According to reports, Priyanka Goyal wanted to become an IAS officer since childhood.

In the initial attempts of UPSC exam, Priyanka did not have any clear concept regarding the pre-exam. In the second attempt, she missed the cutoff list by a mere 0.7 marks. She was surprised when she could not even pass the prelims in 4 attempts. She said in an interview that it took her two-three attempts to understand what and how she was preparing.

But he had a firm resolve in his mind that he had to remain an IAS officer. Then what, his name appeared in the final selection list in the 6th attempt of 2022. Priyanka got 369th rank in the 6th attempt. He topped the optional subject by scoring the highest marks in his optional subject Public Administration. He got 292 marks in optional. There were 193 marks in interview and total score was 965.

According to the report of DNA India, Priyanka Goyal is also very active in social media. He has 146 followers on Instagram i.e. around 1.5 lakh followers. Priyanka’s 6 years of hard work proves that any goal can be achieved with willpower, hard work, dedication and persistence. She failed several times in a row but still refused to give up and finally succeeded.