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Delhi Nursery admission 2024 tips for Parents know about KG Class 1 Admission Process


Delhi Nursery Admission Process: Every parent dreams of sending their children to a school where the quality of education is excellent. As soon as the child turns 2 years old, parents start looking for the best school for the child. In which he starts collecting information about every small thing from fee structure, education, staff, classes, uniforms and school buses in all the schools. Because they know that if the child’s future is to be strengthened then special focus will have to be given on his/her school selection.

However, finding a good school for children is a complex process and takes a lot of time. Today we are telling some things related to Delhi Nursery Admission to those parents who want to get their child admitted in nursery this year. Let us know in detail the things related to nursery admission.

Applications for nursery admission will start from this day

Delhi Directorate of Education had already released the notification and complete schedule for admission to Pre-School (Nursery), Pre-Primary (KG) and Class 1 in private, unaided schools. In which it has been told that the application process will start on 23rd November and will end on 15th December. The first merit list will be released on 12 January 2024 and the second list will be released on 29 January. Parents can see the complete notification on the official website edudel.nic.in. Let us know the important things related to nursery admission.

This should be the age of children

The age for pre-school (nursery) admission should be 3 years.

For Pre-Primary (KG) admission, the age should be 4 years.

– For first class the age should be 5 years.

application form fees

DoE has clarified that application fee of Rs 25 will have to be deposited. Once the fees are paid, no refund will be given. With this, purchase of prospectus will be optional.

Will the forms be filled online?

Whether the application forms for nursery admission will be online or offline will depend on the schools. Therefore, keep in touch with the school in which you want to get your child admitted.

The application process will close on this day

The nursery admission process will end on March 8, 2024. Parents are advised to note down all the dates related to nursery admission somewhere. So that there is no confusion of any kind.

Will children have an interview?

It is a big question whether children will be interviewed during nursery admission or not. Please note that there will be no interview for children during nursery admission.

Why will children have to take any exam?

No, children will not have to give any written examination for admission.

How much fees will parents have to pay to schools after admission?

The fee structure of every school is different, so parents will have to pay the fees as per the schools.

Important note for parents

Parents are advised to visit the official website of Delhi Education Department www.edudel.nic.in for more information related to nursery admission.