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CUET: AU Allahabad University Will take admission through cuet or not cleared yet – CUET: Will admissions be done in Allahabad University through CUET, last time hundreds of seats had gone vacant, Education News


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The online application process for the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) for admission to universities across the country started from Tuesday and will end in the third week of March. On the other hand, regarding Allahabad University, it is not yet clear whether admission will be done through CUET or applications will be taken directly at the university level. However, IVV’s name is also included in the list of universities where admission is to be done through CUET.

In the meeting of the Executive Council held recently, this issue was raised whether admission to graduation should be done in the university through CUET or the university administration should conduct the entrance examination at its own level. Earlier, IVV used to take admission in graduation from its own level, but after the introduction of CUET, the admission process started at all India level and the session started lagging behind. In institutions where thousands of students used to queue for admission, despite taking direct admission, hundreds of seats remained vacant. The result of this is that the graduation session in IVV and affiliated colleges has lagged far behind.

This topic was placed in the Executive Council only to bring the session back on track. However, the university administration has not yet clarified its stand on this issue. On the other hand, students and parents who want admission in IVV say that the university should clarify its position. The last date of application for CUET is March 26 and the last date for error correction is March 28. The entrance exam is proposed between May 15 and 31.