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Crisis on private schools CAG sent audit notices to 1772 Delhi schools asked for accounts of last 5 years in 14 days


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On the orders of Delhi High Court, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has issued audit notices to 1772 unaided private schools. Accounts of the last five years have been sought from schools within 14 days. In this case, the bench of Acting Chief Justice Manmohan of Delhi High Court had earlier expressed displeasure over the Delhi government not examining the accounts of these schools.

On the instructions of the High Court, CAG has now issued a notice to the schools. In the notice, citing the order of the High Court, it has been said that the accounts should be presented by March 31, 2023. CAG has to present the detailed report of the audit of schools before the High Court on March 11. CAG has said in its audit notice that schools should take this notice seriously.

Kejriwal government recommends to DDA to cancel land allotment of 101 private schools in Delhi.

Notice on PIL: NGO Janseva Welfare Society had filed a PIL saying that private schools should not be allowed to increase fees until their accounts are audited by the CAG and the Directorate of Education. The audit of private schools was done in 2010. Even at that time only 25 private schools were audited.

CAG asked for seven types of information

1. Budget estimate of receipts and payments for the coming year.

2. Income-expenditure details, previous year’s balance sheet, internal audit report

3. Student Enrollment Report by 30th April 2023

4. Pattern of concessions/scholarships etc.

5. Details of salaries and other expenses of school employees

6. List of Fees, Fines, Funds

7. Statement showing dates of disbursement of salaries.