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Childrens Day 2023: Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Inspirational Quotes on 14 November Bal Diwas children day


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Children’s Day: November 14, 2022 is the birth anniversary of the country’s first Prime Minister, great freedom fighter, secular humanist, social democrat and writer Jawaharlal Nehru. Today the people of the country are remembering the great works of Chacha Nehru and paying tribute to him. Pandit Nehru’s birthday, 14 November, is celebrated as Children’s Day in the country. He had great love and affection towards children. Children used to fondly call him Chacha Nehru. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birthday, 14 November, is celebrated as Children’s Day every year due to his immense love, affection and work done for children. Nehru’s biggest work as a politician was to develop democratic values ​​in the Indian political system and establish democracy in India.

Let us read those precious thoughts of Jawahar Lal Nehru which show the way to live even today.

Inspirational thoughts of Chacha Nehru –
– Children are the builders of the nation.
– Children are like buds in the garden and should be nurtured carefully and lovingly, because they are the future of the country and the citizens of tomorrow.

– Citizenship lies in service to the country.
– Ignorance is always afraid of change.
– Great deeds and insignificant people cannot go together.
– The one who benefits from the experiences of others is wise.
– A person who runs away is in more danger than a person who sits quietly.
– Failure occurs only when we forget our ideals, objectives and principles.
– Who we really are matters more than what people think about us.

– Books which force us to think are most helpful to us.
– Objections give us self-knowledge. They show us what we are made of.
– The best form of efficiency is that which makes the most of the material available.
– – Truth is always truth whether you like it or not.

– Every attacking country claims that it is acting for its own defense.
– In times of crisis, every little thing matters.
– For work to be effective it should be directed towards a clear goal.
– The man who gets everything he wanted is always in favor of peace and order.

Give this short and easy speech on Children’s Day on 14th November

-Culture is an extension of the mind and soul.
– The person who brags about his virtues is actually very less virtuous.
– It is easiest to give suggestions and later escape from its wrong consequences.
Our biggest shortcoming is that we talk more than do.
– People’s art is a true mirror of their minds.
– Reality will always be reality and will not disappear because you dislike it.