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CBSE Exam: Two languages ​​will be mandatory in CBSE class 9th and 10th and one language in 11th and 12th class – CBSE: Two languages ​​will be mandatory in CBSE class 9th and 10th and one language will be mandatory in 11th and 12th, Education News


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CBSE has released the curriculum for classes 9 to 12 for the new session 2024-25. In NEP, three languages ​​have been made mandatory in classes 9 and 10 and two languages ​​in classes 11 and 12. But, until NCERT completes the publication of books, this session the earlier plan of making two languages ​​in classes 9-10 and only one language in classes 11-12 will remain mandatory. The new session of CBSE will start from 1st April. Before that the board has released the curriculum for the students.

City Coordinator VK Mishra said that all schools and students will have to pay attention to the instructions of the board. The board has made it clear that one of the two languages ​​taught in classes 11 and 12 should be Hindi or English. Hindi and English can also be taught together. Two syllabi have been provided for classes 11 and 12, in Hindi and English, keeping in mind the different backgrounds of the students. Any student can choose Hindi Elective (Code 002) or Hindi Core (Code 302) or English Elective (Code-001) or English Core (Code-301). The same language cannot be taught at both core and elective levels.

In the order of filling the subjects in the online registration system/marksheet, the first five subjects are considered as the main subjects. A candidate can also take additional elective subjects. There may also be a language or any other optional subject at the elective level. Skills electives can be studied with any subject. Schools are expected to design their own programs in this area as per the guidelines of the Board. Similarly, programs in General Studies, Health and Physical Education should also be planned as per the instructions of the Board.

Board will not tell the overall percentage of the student
City Coordinator VK Mishra said that the board issues marksheet cum certificate showing the marks obtained in each subject separately. The board does not reveal any overall score/percentage. The percentage of candidates who take six-seven subjects and pass in all the subjects will be judged as per the norms of the college/institute in which the student wishes to take admission in future. If a student has taken six subjects and he fails in any one of the first five subjects, it will be replaced by the sixth subject, provided the candidate completes the plan of study, i.e. Hindi or English after replacement There will be one of the main five subjects.

They will not be able to study together
The board has made it clear that the combination of Business Studies (code 054) and Business Administration (code 833) cannot be done together. Similarly, a student can choose only one subject from Informatics Practice (065), Computer Science (code 083) and Information Technology (code 802). Only one of Mathematics (code 041) and Applied Mathematics (code 241) can be chosen.