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CBSE Exam 2025: class 10th and 12th number of Subject pattern will not change this year twice board exams latest update – CBSE: 10th and 12th subject pattern will not change this year, no final instructions on board exam twice, Education News


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There will be no change in the subject pattern of CBSE in this session (2024-25). Like before, students will study five main subjects along with one optional subject in class 10th and 12th. On the basis of this, their board examination will be held next year. Earlier CBSE had talked about changing the pattern. The new subject pattern was to be implemented in classes 9th and 11th. According to the new syllabus decided earlier by CBSE, a total of five compulsory subjects and two optional subjects were prescribed for class 10th students. Main subjects generally included Science, Social Science, English, Mathematics and Hindi subjects. IT is more prevalent as the sixth subject. At the same time, students could take Sanskrit, Economics etc. as the 7th subject.

Similarly, seven major subject areas were included in the syllabus of class 12 students, which included Languages, Humanities, Maths, Science, Skill Subject, General Studies and Health and Physical Education. CBSE had said that there will be a change in the pattern of classes 10th and 12th, but now there will be no change in the syllabus and textbooks of other classes for the academic year starting from April 1, 2024.

CBSE 10th and 12th examination twice a year – Education Minister told when will this new rule be implemented

No final instructions yet regarding two board exams
Earlier it was said that in the board exams to be held in the year 2025, students will get two chances to take the board exams, but now this will probably be implemented from 2026. Neeraj Sinha said that the board has not issued any order regarding the final decision on this. Meanwhile, Principal of Surendranath Centenary School, Samita Sinha said that discussions are still going on regarding seven subjects and two board exams. We have not received any guidelines from the board.

The new pattern is expected to be implemented from next year
There was a webinar last Tuesday. In this, the pattern of seven subjects from this session was postponed for this session. Changes are not being made due to the election year. –Neeraj Kumar Sinha, Principal, Firayalal Public School, Co-Treasurer Sahodaya Group