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CBSE Exam 2024: How was the Class 10 Science paper, students told the difficulty level – CBSE Exam 2024: How was the Class 10 Science paper, students told the difficulty level, Education News


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CBSE Class 10 Exam 2024: Central Board of Secondary Education’s Class 10 Science exam was completed today, March 2, 2024. This examination was conducted across the country from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm. Students who appeared in CBSE 10th exam told how the Science paper went. Among the students who appeared for the exam, some described the science paper as easy, some as moderate and some as easy to moderate level.

Students of GD Goenka Public School seemed quite satisfied with the science paper. Some students of the school like Nayashree and Aditi described the paper as balanced. He said that all three sets of papers were as per his preparation and were completely on NCERT syllabus. Talking about the difficulty level of questions, they were not very difficult.

Whereas other students of the same school, Darsh, Ishani, Maitreya, Ali, Arya and Ishan found the paper easy. A student scholar said that today was the science paper so she was nervous about it but now the paper has gone so well that she is very happy. Student Ansh said that the paper was not very long. Some questions were definitely of a very explanatory type.

Similarly, Aditi Choudhary, a student of Lucknow Public School (CP Singh Foundation), said that the paper was of moderate level. All the questions asked in the exam were based on NCERT and Exemplar Book. The questions were not asked directly. Prabhakar Singh, a student of the same school, said that the paper was as per the standard but the questions were some time consuming and were application based. In such questions, basic understanding of each topic is necessary. Section D of the paper was essentially quite difficult.

Class 10 student Digvijay Singh said the question paper was competition and activity based. Question paper released by CBSE. The paper was like the sample paper issued by CBSE. The difficulty level of questions was moderate to difficult. Overall it was a standard paper based on NCERT syllabus. This paper was also easy for those students who have practiced CBSE sample papers properly.