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CBSE Board Practicals 2024 guidelines issued for private students exam from February 15 to March 15 – CBSE Board Practicals 2024: Guidelines issued for private students, exam will start from February 15, Education News


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CBSE Board Practicals 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released a set of guidelines related to practical board exams 2024. Let us tell you, these instructions have been issued for private students. As per the schedule, CBSE practical board exams will be conducted from February 15 to March 15. Private students can check the set of guidelines by visiting the official website of CBSE, cbse.gov.in.

The instructions for practical board exams provide details about the exam venue, when external examiners will be appointed, how to prepare students and schools, what to do on the exam days, etc.

As per the official notice, students of class 2023 who were unable to obtain practical marks due to reasons like Repeat in Practical (RP), Repeat in Theory and Practical Both (RB) or absence will have to appear for the practical exam this year. Similarly, students of 2022 who face similar situations should participate in these practicals. Apart from this, students of 2021 and earlier years who had applied in private category for full subjects will have to complete practical assessment in their respective subjects.

As per the instructions of the Board, practical examinations of private students will be conducted at the same examination centers which are used for theory examinations. CBSE regional offices will appoint external examiners, while internal examiners will be appointed by schools.

Let us tell you, the examination center superintendent will inform about the list of all those students whose practical examinations will be conducted class and subject wise. The Examination Center Superintendent will contact the Regional Office in advance to arrange for the appointment of external examiners as required. Under no circumstances will the Central Superintendent of the examination center himself appoint external examiners. Let us tell you, the date and time of practical examinations will be decided on the basis of availability of external examiner, convenience of the candidate and datesheet.