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CBSE Board Exam 2024 Writing Tips 2024 for perfect answers will get full marks – CBSE Board Exam 2024: Even after getting the answers, do not make these mistakes while writing the answers, read tips, Education News


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CBSE Board Exam 2024: No matter how well you have prepared for the exam, unless you put your answers in words on the answer sheet, no one will believe how much preparation you have done. If you are not able to do this in the final board exam, then understand that all your hard work and knowledge will go in vain, but wait a minute, we will not let this happen to you at all. We are going to tell the students who are going to appear in the CBSE board exam of class 10th-12th this year, what is the way to write the correct answer in the exam and what things need to be kept in mind, as well as what mistakes should be avoided. .

– Use the 15 minutes given to the question paper properly.

CBSE gives its students 15 minutes to read the question paper in board exams. Students are advised to read the questions properly before writing the answers, after which they can think about which question is answered correctly and which is not. During this time, students can make a plan in their mind to write the answer and think of points. In such a situation, students will be able to write correctly in the paper without any fear.

– It is important to decide, what to do first and what not

CBSE never says that you have to answer questions series wise. In such a situation, you can decide which question to solve first and which later. Students can make a list of those questions in which you are sure. Doing this will help you gain confidence and will also help you get enough time to think of answers to other questions that are a little blurry in your mind.

– Keep in mind the word limit

Read a question carefully and try to understand the meaning of the question. Try to keep the word limit of your answer limited to the requirement of the question and avoid writing long paragraphs without emphasis.

For example: If you are asked the question – “Define soil erosion”, you are asked to write the definition of soil erosion and not its causes or effects, which is why most students make their answers long. Write to create. Actually, there is a myth among most of the students that the longer the answer, the more marks they will get. But there is no such logic. The examiner only looks for correct answers, not stories.