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BTech Salary package reduced in hbtu campus placements check year wise best job salary offer – Salary package reduced in campus placements, companies also reduced, see how much was the best offer in which year, Education News


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HBTU has got the lowest maximum package this year in five years. The number of placements has also decreased and the number of companies coming for the drive is also less than last year. The students have had to suffer the consequences. According to experts, this decline has occurred due to the fear of recession looming in America and Europe. The university has made the records public after the completion of the placement drive for the session 2022-23. According to records, the maximum package received in the session 2022-23 is the lowest in the last five years. The average package received is also less than last year.

The minimum package of Rs 3.36 lakh has remained the same for the last three years. The placement graph has also dropped compared to last year. In the session 2022-23, 84.02 percent students have got campus placement. Whereas the campus placement was 97.34 percent in session 2021-22, 63.61 percent in session 2020-21, 75.87 percent in session 2019-20, and 83.68 percent in session 2018-19. Vice Chancellor Prof. Samsher said that less number of companies came but the average package was fine.

Maximum package lowest in five years
session maximum package average package

– 2018-19 37 lakh 6.02 lakh
– 2019-20 60 lakh 7.17 lakh
– 2020-21 43.5 lakh 6.46 lakh
– 2021-22 44.5 lakh 8.82 lakh
– 2022-23 36 lakh 8.25 lakh