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bseb bihar board inter admission 2023: 10th Matric students attention Bihar Board Inter admission form will be out 11 april – BSEB Bihar Board: Matric students pay attention, portal will open for admission in Bihar Board Inter from 11 April, Education News


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Bihar Board Inter admission 2024: Enrollment in Intermediate in the academic session 2024-25 will be open from April 11 to April 25 on the Online Facilitation for Students (OFSS) portal run by Bihar School Examination Committee. The Education Department has issued this order on Wednesday. The department has said that the Bihar School Examination Committee will take action to remove the degree colleges identified from the OFSS portal for separating intermediate studies from degree colleges. The first round of school allotment and enrollment will begin on May 8 and will close on May 15. The second round of nominations will continue till June 30 and the third round till July 15. The spot nomination process will continue till July 30.

Intermediate studies are no longer available in degree colleges.
Intermediate studies will be separate from the degree colleges of the state from the academic session 2024-25. The Education Department has issued an order regarding this on Wednesday. The approval of the state cabinet was taken a day earlier.

It has been said in the order that there is a provision in the University Act that intermediate education will be separated from colleges. Under this the said decision has been taken. Approval is given to end the Intermediate studies currently being conducted in degree colleges and start its studies in all eligible higher secondary schools from April 1, 2024. The infrastructure of higher secondary schools has been constructed on a large scale by the state government. By running a special campaign, 67961 higher secondary and 65737 secondary teachers have been appointed. In view of this, there is a need that Plus-2 level education should be conducted only in higher secondary schools. In this light, Bihar School Examination Committee will take further action.

It is known that since the year 2006, intermediate level education has been abolished from all the degree colleges of Patna University. Only after that, Intermediate studies were to be separated from other universities but this could not be done due to lack of teachers and infrastructure.