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BSEB Bihar Board Exam 2024: 2 year ban for students who jump gate 10th 12th students will get chance in April – BSEB: Bihar Board is strict, will give this punishment to students who jump gate, said- deprived students will get chance in April, Education News


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BSEB Bihar Board Exam: Bihar Board has said that a two-year ban will be imposed on students who jump the gate or enter the examination center illegally. Besides, FIR will also be registered against him. Apart from this, the center superintendents who give entry to the students who reach the examination center late before the scheduled time, will be suspended and FIR will be registered against them also. It is noteworthy that Bihar Board has fixed the entry time for the first shift of intermediate examination till 9 am and for the second shift till 1.30 pm. Due to not allowing entry to the students who reach the examination center late, they are adopting illegal methods for entry. Pictures of students jumping over walls and gates are continuously coming in.

Underprivileged students will be able to appear in the special examination in April.
Students who were deprived of appearing in Bihar Board Inter and Matriculation examinations will get a chance to appear in the special examination. The special examination will be conducted in April. In the examination which started from Thursday, many students were deprived of the examination due to various reasons. Hundreds of students were deprived of this due to late arrival at the examination centre. On behalf of Bihar Board, it was said that those registered students who have passed the Centup examination conducted by schools and colleges, but due to the negligence of the head of the educational institution, their online application form could not be filled, such students, as an exception, Will get a chance.

Mathematics questions remained easy on the second day, 39 were expelled
Inter exams across the state remained peaceful for the second day on Friday. About one percent of the students were absent. Many students missed their exams due to reaching the center late. On the second day, in the first shift (930 am to 1245 pm), Mathematics examination was held for Science and Arts students and in the second shift, Foundation Course examination was held for Political Science and Vocational course students. There was no problem in solving mathematics problems. Students told that some were time taking.

90 were caught in two days. On the first day, 51 copycats were caught. On the second day, 39 copycats were caught from 14 districts in both the shifts. On the second day also, six candidates from Nalanda, four from Arwal, one each from Jehanabad, Nawada and Madhepura were caught appearing for the exam in exchange for others.