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BSEB Bihar Board 10th Result: matric sent up exam marks sent without checking copies teacher salary stopped – Bihar Board revealed before matric result, marks sent up without checking copies, headmaster’s salary stopped, Education News


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BSEB Bihar Board 10th Result: Marks were sent to Bihar Board without checking the copy of matriculation setup examination. On Friday, in the investigation of different schools, along with checking the copy of sentup exam, other irregularities have been revealed. After this matter came to light in Bandra school, reports related to centup copy investigation have been sought in high schools of other blocks also. Along with stopping the salary of the headmaster of Bandra High School, action has been taken against the concerned DPM.

With the centup copy investigation, major irregularities have come to light in the construction work in many schools. The DEO inspected more than half a dozen schools in Bandra, in which many irregularities were found. At some places, work was being done by covering the white sand with yellow sand. Not only this, the broken floor material was being installed. Due to this, the salaries of more than four dozen teachers including headmasters of different schools have been stopped.

This is how the irregularities were revealed, Sarvodaya High Hon. The number of teachers posted in V.Peer Bandra including the head teacher is 25. There are 396 students enrolled in class 9th in the school, out of which 80 students were present at the time of inspection. Out of 212 enrolled students in class 11, only 18 students were present. The laboratory in the school was closed. On asking for the answer sheets of the examination, it was told that the headmaster had them. The headmaster said the other teacher has it. This shows that the mark sheets provided by the concerned teachers were sent to the Bihar School Examination Committee without the HM evaluating the answer sheets without even seeing them or not. The Block Project Manager was instructed to check the evaluation of the used answer sheets of the examination, but he too was negligent. The salaries of all the teachers including the school headmaster have been stopped. Clarification has also been sought from the Block Project Manager. The DEO said that copy investigation reports are being taken from other blocks also.

Housekeeping agency is not going to clean for 5 days
In Upgraded Middle School, Pirapur, Bandra, the cleaning of the school is not being done by the housekeeping agency for the last five days. Clarification has been sought from the manager of the housekeeping agency in this regard. Due to low attendance of students in the school, joint conduct of classes and lack of educational environment in the school, the salary of the school headmaster has been stopped. Repair work was going on in the upgraded middle school Kolhuara, Bandra. The white sand was covered with yellow sand. Repair work was being done from this.

The executive in-charge informed that the work is being done by a local contractor. Also, the floor molding that was being done was using broken flooring material. Along with ordering an on-site investigation to the junior technical manager, the salary payment of the current in-charge has been stopped.

Instructions to increase attendance to 75 percent by March 10
During the inspection of Government Basic School, Peer Bandra, it was found that the mid-day meal is cooked on wood and gas, whereas the department has strict instructions in this regard that the mid-day meal should be cooked on gas only. Tractor, trolley and car were kept in the school premises. The gate of a building opens into the school grounds. When asked, the school in-charge HM told that it belonged to the people next door. On low attendance of students, instructions were given that if the attendance is not 75 percent by March 10, then the salaries of all teachers including HM will be stopped.

In this context, the in-charge headmaster was instructed to provide the records of the school land so that the situation can be clarified by getting the land measured through the zonal officer. Despite having adequate rooms and teachers, the attendance of students in the school is low, for which the headmaster and all the teachers were instructed to contact the parents and ensure more than 75 percent attendance. If the attendance is not 75 percent by March 10, the salaries of all teachers including the headmaster will be withheld until further orders.