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BPSC TRE Vacancy Notification 2024: Bihar Teacher Recruitment Exam language paper will be easy said atul prasad – Bihar Teacher Recruitment: Relief, this paper will be easy in BPSC TRE 3.0, Commission admitted that there was a mistake in TRE-2, Education News


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Bihar Public Service Commission has said that the level of language paper in the third phase teacher recruitment examination (BPSC TRE 3.0) will be kept easier as compared to TRE 2.0. BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad admitted that the level of language question paper in TRE 2.0 was difficult which should not have been so, hence later its requirement was removed. He said, ‘We saw in the TRE 2.0 language paper that the level at which questions were asked was not required. It is not necessary for a teacher of Maths, History or Geography to be so difficult. It is not necessary for his Hindi grammar to be very good. Hindi is as necessary to teach him Maths, History or Geography.

He said, ‘Some people who were successful were missing out by one number. Then you people would say that I was missing one number, the paper was so tough, why didn’t you give bonus numbers, so we gave bonus numbers. So we gave bonus numbers, gave 9 bonus numbers to everyone. Everyone passed. We have not failed anyone so no one should have any problem in this. As far as TRE 3.0 is concerned, we do not need to look at the scholarship of the candidate in the qualifying paper. We have to see whether he has minimum knowledge in that subject or not. Will keep in mind the level of language with 30 questions. Good teachers of various subjects like Maths should not be left out of recruitment because the language paper is difficult.

Teachers will be appointed on about 87 thousand posts
In the third phase of BPSC Bihar teacher recruitment, there will be recruitment on about 87 thousand posts. The application process will start from 10th February. Its last date will be 17th February. The exam will be held from March 7 to March 17. This time too, examinations will be conducted for appointment in schools from primary to higher secondary. The results are likely to come before Holi. The Education Department will soon send the list of subject and class wise posts to the Commission. The preparation for calculation of posts by the department is in the final stage. The posts left vacant in the first and second phase will also be added to it.

BPSC TRE 3.0: 87000 vacancies will be released in the third Bihar teacher recruitment, there will be no negative marking.

The exam will be of two and a half hours
BPSC Chairman said that there will be only one paper in the third phase examination. This exam will be of two and a half hours. There will be no negative marking. There will be a language test in Part-I. Part-2 will be of general studies and Part-3 will be of related subject. Part- One will be a qualifying subject. In this, 30 questions of 30 marks will be asked. There will be 40 questions in General Studies and each question will have one mark for the correct answer i.e. a total of 40 marks. At the same time, 80 questions of 80 marks will be asked from the subject in which you will become a teacher. Merit list will be prepared only after qualifying in the language. There will be questions from all three parts in a single booklet. The exam syllabus will be from NCERT and SCRT.