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BPSC TRE Vacancy: Maximum seats increased in Higher Secondary in second Bihar teacher recruitment


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In the second phase of BPSC Bihar teacher recruitment, maximum seats have increased in Higher Secondary. About 34 thousand 150 seats of the first phase will be added in the second phase. By adding seats in Higher Secondary both together, the number of Higher Secondary seats increases to 52 thousand 727. Among these, maximum seats are in subjects related to social sciences. His STET was not done earlier. Earlier in the phase, fewer teachers were found in many subjects. Whereas, less applications were received for seats in Science subject. Due to this, there are many seats in science subjects.

In the first phase of science subjects, 1055 seats are left in Zoology, 2069 in Botany, 3727 in Chemistry, 1079 in Mathematics and 2340 seats are left in Physics. The number will increase if seats for the second phase are added. In History subject, 3380 seats are left in the first phase and 691 seats are left in the second phase. By adding both, the number of seats will be more than four thousand. Same situation exists in other subjects also. There will be examination for more than 35 subjects in higher secondary. The number of candidates in higher secondary will also be two lakh.

Recruitment of 11000 new teachers in Bihar soon, BPSC will send notification soon

Whereas in Secondary, there are 6682 seats left in the first session. In the second phase, 18877 seats have come in Higher Secondary. Together there are 24956 seats. There are to be examinations for ten subjects in secondary. Whereas in secondary, more than two lakh candidates will appear in the examination. Apart from this, there are 31982 seats for middle school. This will have maximum applications. In this, both B.Ed and D.El.Ed candidates will apply. About six lakh candidates will apply for this. At the same time, the process of application for 10,000 seats in the primary has started. Till now three lakh students have registered.

Newly appointed teachers of class 9th and 10th will receive appointment letters today.
Posting letters will be distributed to newly appointed teachers from Thursday. Patna District Education Office has released the schedule for this. Letters will be given to class-wise teachers. On the first day i.e. Thursday, posting letters will be distributed among the newly appointed teachers of classes IX and X. There will be distribution work for subject wise teachers in different schools.