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BPSC TRE Paper Leak: EOU asked BPSC these questions in Bihar teacher recruitment exam paper leak investigation – BPSC TRE Paper Leak: A dozen questions asked to BPSC in Bihar teacher recruitment exam paper leak investigation, Education News


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Now the EOU (Economic Offenses Unit) has asked more than a dozen questions in the question paper leak of the third phase of teacher reinstatement examination conducted at the BPSC level. Mainly the questions asked are related to the preparation and conduct of the examination and the security arrangements of the question paper. EOU wants to know from BPSC at which place the question papers were printed. Which printing press was it? Apart from the Speaker, was anyone else aware of how the question papers were delivered here? What steps were taken for the security of the question paper? Which workers and officials had what responsibilities in the entire work, etc. are prominent among them.

The Commission has been asked to answer these questions asked in writing as soon as possible. So that on the basis of this the investigation of the entire matter can be taken to its completion. The replies of BPSC will be matched with the facts revealed during investigation and inquiry. In this way, cross verification of all the facts revealed so far can be done. With the help of these answers, it will help in finding solutions to many questions. The correct details of where and how the question paper was leaked by whom will be revealed. It will also be known to what extent the information given by the arrested accused was correct. The SIT of EOU formed to investigate this case has come to know about many important things in the investigation so far and the interrogation of the arrested accused. Many important documents and electronic items have also been recovered.

BPSC TRE 3.0 Cancelled: Third phase Bihar teacher recruitment examination held on March 15 cancelled.

Office was built near 90 feet of Patna
In this case, continuous raids have also been conducted at many places. In this sequence, a raid was conducted at a place near 90 feet of Patna. The arrested accused Shubham, Sumit, Vicky and Abhishek used this house on rent as an office setting. Here mainly brokers were called and deals were made with them regarding the candidates. Many documents have been recovered from here also. These four arrested accused are very close to the main accused in the entire case, Vishal Kumar Chaurasia and are also his important partners in the entire setting business. A few days ago, when he was taken on remand and interrogated, complete information about this place has come to light.