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BPSC TRE: Notice to 4 candidates who raised questions on Bihar teacher recruitment exam cutoff


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Bihar Public Service Commission has sent notice to four teacher candidates. Its information has also been uploaded on the website. Their name, serial number and photo have also been included. Among the candidates to whom notice has been issued are Kishore Kumar, Mohd. The names of Sarfaraz Alam, Mamun Rashid and Pinky Kumari are included. These candidates had raised questions on the cutoff issued by the Commission. Was accused of wrong cutoff. Made statements in the media. The Commission said that without verifying the facts, the image of BPSC has been tarnished. The Commission has written in the notice that if you do not respond with facts within a week, it will be considered that you do not have any facts. Along with taking legal action against this, he will be debarred from further examinations of BPSC.

Let us tell you that only two days ago, the Commission had taken action against 20 candidates in the teacher appointment examination for giving the examination in lieu of others and irregularities in Aadhaar card, among other matters. All have been issued notices and banned from further examinations for five years.

BPSC will release the vacancy for the second phase of Bihar teacher recruitment today, applications from tomorrow.

These are the candidates

Teachers training will start from November 4
The training of newly appointed teachers from BPSC will once again start from November 4. This will include 17670 teachers from classes one to five from across the state. Whereas 1280 teachers of class 11th-12th will be given training. SCERT has released the schedule. This training, which will run for 15 days from November 18, will be residential. In this, newly appointed teachers selected up to class 12th will be included. All teachers will have to register on November 3. 64 training sites have been selected. Training will be done in all DIET, PTEC, BITE. Around 250 to 400 teachers will participate at each training site.