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bpsc tre: niyojit shikshak selected in Bihar teacher exam recruitment now vacant vacancy will be made permanent – Thousands of employed teachers of Bihar selected in BPSC TRE, now vacant posts will be made permanent, Education News


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The vacant posts of employed teachers of Bihar will be made permanent. The education department has sought reports from the districts regarding this. The department has told the districts that there are about 20 to 25 thousand employed teachers who have contributed after being selected by the Bihar Public Service Commission. The posts of such employed teachers have become vacant. Now these vacant posts will be created as permanent posts.

The department has also expressed displeasure in the letter written to the districts that information related to this had already been sought, which has not been received till now. In such a situation, send the relevant report to the department within two days, so that further action for creation of posts can be initiated. Action will be taken to create these posts through the category committee.

It is known that now teachers have been selected from Bihar Public Service Commission in two phases. In the first phase, 28 thousand such teachers have been selected and in the second phase, 11 thousand such teachers, who are already employed, have been selected. However, there are a large number of employed teachers among them, who are still working at their old places even after selection. He has not contributed as a teacher selected by the Commission. At the same time, many have contributed at new places.