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BPSC TRE: bihar Newly selected teachers from BPSC will take classes from tomorrow join today


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Newly selected teachers from BPSC will take classes in the entire state from Wednesday. Before this, they have to contribute to their respective schools by Tuesday. The Education Department has issued clear instructions to all the districts in this regard. By November 21, all 1.10 lakh new teachers will contribute. The state government has also allotted schools to the remaining 20 thousand teachers. Before this, 90 thousand teachers were allotted schools. After this, the remaining 20 thousand teachers were also allotted schools on Saturday itself.

All these teachers have been asked to contribute in their respective schools till 21st November. The Education Department has said in the instructions issued to the districts that Chhath Puja holiday has been declared on 19th and 20th November. Teachers selected from Bihar Public Service Commission will not contribute to schools during these two days. Therefore, those teachers who will be saved from contributing, their contribution will be made on 21st November in any case. So that, after the school opens from 22nd November, all the new teachers will start teaching the children.

BPSC TRE 2: There will be no problem in filling other subjects instead of subjects in Bihar teacher recruitment application.

Kanhaiya Prasad, Director of Secondary Education of the department, has written a letter to all the district education officers. It is known that the department had said in the instructions issued on November 8 that the contribution of all the teachers should be made by November 21. In the light of this letter, the department has given a fresh order.