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BPSC TRE-3: Question paper was already leaked before the exam, Commission said no information – BPSC TRE-3: Question paper was already leaked before the exam, Commission said no information, Education News


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Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2024: The question paper of the third phase of teacher recruitment (TRE-3) examination held on March 15 at the BPSC level was already out. EOU has made this disclosure on the basis of investigation so far. According to the release issued by the EOU, at around 5 am on the exam date, March 15, intensive raids were conducted with the help of Jharkhand Police in Kohinoor Hotel and Marriage Hall located at Kurra, Padma and Barhi in Hazaribagh. During this time, it was found that apart from many rooms of hotels, more than 270 candidates were being made to memorize the answers to the question paper by making them sit in the marriage hall. The question papers seized from the spot were matched with the question papers received from the BPSC office, which were found to be identical. That means the question papers had already reached the setters before being distributed in the examination. During the raids at all these places, admit cards of various shifts related to the examination centres, original certificates of the candidates, plain cheques, about 50 mobile phones worth Rs 50 thousand, laptops, printers, pen drives and many other equipment and documents were seized. Have been recovered. The special team of EOU is investigating this entire episode, but till now it is not clear how and where the question paper was out or what is its exact source. What level of people is involved in this? The situation will become clear only after the investigation of the entire matter is completed. In this case, raids were conducted at about half a dozen places in Patna on Saturday also. Many clues have been found in these also. EOU has registered an FIR in this case under various serious sections including forgery, fraud etc.

The deal was done for Rs 10 lakh each
Investigation revealed that a deal was made for Rs 10 lakh each to provide question paper and answers per candidate. In this, half the amount was to be given before the setters left these centers and half the amount after memorizing the answers. Money was also taken from many in advance through cheque. Even later, the amount was being taken from many people through cheque. EOU has also started investigating those bank accounts from which the amount has been taken or was being prepared to take it. All these accounts are being frozen and the entire transactions are being investigated. In Hazaribagh, including the nearby hotel, there was a marriage garden where more than 300 candidates were being made to memorize answers.

Clue found after arrest
Before the raid, on the late night of March 14, the police team, based on secret information, had raided a house in Karbigahiya area. During this time, some important clues related to the question paper leak were found. A large number of sensitive documents were also recovered. The EOU team interrogated the arrested accused and scrutinized the documents. During this time, it came to light that candidates were kept at three-four places in Hazaribagh and the answers were memorized. One of the main leaders of the question paper leak gang is Vishal Chaurasia of Vaishali. He got into setting business after being suspended from government job.

Commission claims no report of irregularities has come
The Commission claims that the examination was conducted peacefully at 415 centers in 26 districts. No report regarding irregularities or paper leaks was given by any DM. If experts are to be believed, then only questions from social science subjects are coming to the fore. Parmar Ravi Manubhai, the new chairman of Bihar Public Service Commission, said that the investigation is still going on.

Any decision only after investigation of paper leak:
The Commission said that an investigation will be conducted and a decision will be taken only after the investigation.