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BPSC TRE -3 Paper Leak: BPSC and investigating agency face to face Public Service Commission seeks evidence from EOU – BPSC TRE -3 Paper Leak: BPSC and investigating agency face to face, Public Service Commission seeks evidence from EOU, Education News


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BPSC Teacher Recruitment Exam 2024: Investigation agency EOU and BPSC have come face to face in the matter of question paper of the third phase of teacher recruitment exam being out. Where EOU, after its initial investigation, has claimed that the question paper of the third phase examination is out. However, BPSC has rejected it outright. Both have their own arguments. BPSC has sought evidence from the Economic Offenses Unit in this case. The Commission has asked the investigating agency to provide concrete evidence regarding the leaking of question papers and answers before the commencement of the examination. The Commission said that a decision on the examination will be taken after review after receiving concrete evidence and desired information. Here, a report was provided to the Commission by EOU on Saturday regarding the question paper leak.

However, the Commission says that this report does not have standard evidence of the question paper being leaked before the commencement of the examination on March 15. Meanwhile, EOU has constituted an 8-member SIT under the leadership of SP Vaibhav Sharma for a detailed investigation of the entire episode. One ASP, 3 DSPs and 3 Inspectors have been kept in it. EOU ADG Nayyar Hasnain Khan has issued orders for formation of SIT.

EOU’s claim: Only 13 were informed about question paper leak, 313 were caught
In a release issued by EOU on Friday, it was said that the information about the paper leak was received on March 13. An unknown person was caught from Karbigahiya area of ​​Patna. And on March 14, a pen drive was found. The raid was conducted at 5 am on March 15. About 270 candidates were arrested. These candidates were memorizing the answer. At the same time, after the completion of the examination, the Commission was informed at 2.30 pm. For this reason the question paper leak is being called a conspiracy. So far 313 have been arrested in this case.

BPSC’s argument: When action is taken before the exam, then how is the paper leaked?
According to BPSC, EOU has said in its report that on March 15, at 5.00 am, raids were conducted at several places in Hazaribagh on the information of gathering of hundreds of candidates to memorize answers. Mobile, laptop, printer, pendrive were recovered. Information regarding question paper leak was given to the Commission at 02.30 pm. Before this, the first shift examination had ended at 12.00 and the second shift had started at 2.30. In such a situation, how will paper leak be considered correct?