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Bihar Teacher Recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers will get tab kk pathak announced


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Tabs will be given to all the teachers selected from Bihar Public Service Commission. This information was given by KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department. On Friday, Shri Pathak inspected the teacher training institutes of Begusarai and Khagaria. He told the teachers undergoing training that if they do not know how to operate a computer, they should learn it soon. Said that new teachers will be given phase wise training. Currently 22 thousand teachers are taking training. In the Diet of Begusarai, he told the trainees that there is more need of teachers in rural areas. Right now there will be no posting in city schools. Those who do not want to work in rural areas should leave the job.

All certificates of newly appointed teachers will be checked online
All types of certificates of newly appointed teachers will be verified online. After holding a meeting with all the boards at the state level, instructions have been given to provide ID and password to the district officials, so that all the certificates of newly appointed teachers can be verified properly in a short time. The certificates of approximately one lakh 20 thousand newly appointed teachers of the state have to be verified. Instructions were given to all the district officials regarding this. Considering that conducting the investigation offline would take more time, preparations have been made to conduct the investigation online.

BPSC TRE 2: Big news, 50 thousand vacancies increased in new Bihar teacher recruitment, 1.22 lakh vacancies

50 thousand more posts added in the second phase of teacher recruitment
There will be restoration on 1 lakh 22 thousand 286 posts in the second phase of BPSC Bihar Teacher Recruitment Examination. BPSC had already released vacancies of more than 70 thousand posts on the recommendation of the Education Department. Now 51 thousand 664 posts have been added to it. In the first phase, applications were invited for the appointment of one lakh 70 thousand teachers. Of these, results of 1 lakh 20 thousand candidates were released. Whereas more than ten thousand selected candidates did not contribute. These remaining seats will be added in the second phase.