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Bihar Teacher Recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers using cream for not getting thumb impression – Bihar Teacher Recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers using cream for not getting thumb impression, Education News


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Thumb impressions of 463 teachers of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar have not been found. This is the figure for 12 days of investigation. Despite their names being in the list, photographs of many suspects did not match. From January 4 till now, 2065 teachers have been found positive in the investigation. 28 teachers did not attend the inspection camp even after being called. Thumb impression of the teachers appointed in the first phase of BPSC is being done. Many teachers are also adopting a unique method in thumb impression.

Teachers whose thumb impressions are not available are coming back after applying cream and their thumbs are also being matched. The personnel involved in the investigation said that the thumb was shrinking a bit due to the cold.

Teacher in police custody on fake charges, photo mismatch revealed in thumb impression
On the orders of DM in Begusarai, teacher Numa Kumari, selected in BPSC TRE first phase, was arrested during thumb impression. City police station incharge Ramniwas took the teacher into custody. The teacher caught by the police was posted in Raghunandanpur Primary School of Bhagwanpur block. The accused teacher is a resident of Bariapur in Munger district. After completion of two months in BPSC first phase, HM of the school Rinki Kumari along with teacher Numa Kumari came to DEO office to get thumb impression done by other teachers. Neither the teacher’s thumb matched nor her photo was found in the thumb impression. There was a lot of difference between the photo found in the thumb impression and the photo of the working teacher.

During investigation, it was found that someone else was involved in the BPSC first phase examination, whose photo appeared in the thumb impression. The photo taken in thumb impression appears to be above 40. Whereas the age of the teacher posted in the school is between 20 and 25. Establishment DPO Ravindra Sahu brought the accused teacher to the office and informed the city police station. Also information was sent to DM. HM Rinki Kumari said that on the orders of the Education Department, the accused teacher has been handed over to the city police station. Establishment DPO Ravindra Sahu said that the accused teacher is being investigated on other points. Here, the accused teacher is claiming herself innocent. She is also calling herself a teacher selected from BPSC.