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Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme: Case against 200 students who left their studies midway after taking loan – Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme: Case against 200 students who left their studies midway after taking loan, Education News


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A certificate case has been filed against 200 students of Patna district who took loan under Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme and paid the amount even after five years of leaving their studies midway. Officials of the District Registration and Counseling Center said that on the recommendation of Bihar State Finance Corporation, the district administration has registered a certificate case on January 25 against these students who have not paid even a single installment. Most of them are engineering students.

Most of the students had taken loan under Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme in 2018 for studying subjects related to technical education and management. At the same time, notices have been sent to about 20 thousand students to return the loan amount. In Patna district, 21 thousand 939 students have taken loans for studies. Most of them are studying related to engineering, management and computer courses. In the year 2018-19, students had taken loans and taken admission in technical and management institutes of states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Notices were sent several times. Notices were sent several times to the students who had taken loans for the return of the amount. Despite this, he did not deposit the money, hence the District Auction Paper Officer was recommended to register a case.

Arrangements have been made in the court of ADM Disaster for hearing the hearing certificate cases of 30 students at a time. The cases of 30 students are being heard at a time. ADM Disaster Devendra Shahi said that notice has been sent registering a certificate case against the students who are not returning the loan amount despite the notice. So that they can present their side during the hearing.

Soon, students studying B.Ed will also get loan facility under Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme. Many courses have recently been linked to Bihar Student Credit Card by the state government.

Problems for students completing four years of graduation
Under the new education policy, students of institutions where four-year undergraduate courses have been started are facing difficulty in getting loans through Bihar Student Credit Card. Officials say that three years are prescribed for normal graduation. Loan cannot be given until the letter regarding recognition of the four-year undergraduate course is received from the state government.

Loan repayment provision
The prescribed duration of the course is to repay the loan after one year. For example, if someone has taken a loan under the Student Credit Card Scheme for a four-year course, then he has to start repaying it after completion of five years. Similarly, there is a provision to repay the loan for all courses.