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Bihar sakshamta pariksha: in BSEB sakshamta pariksha documents will be scrutinized districts allotment on marks merit basis – Bihar Competency Test: Documents of passed teachers will be scrutinized, districts of choice will be allotted on the basis of marks, Education News


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Even after success in Bihar Competency Test, the employed teachers will be examined at many levels. Thumb impression was taken during the examination. Apart from matching the biometric attendance, teachers’ certificates will be re-checked. Only after this the district will be allotted to the successful employed teachers. All employed teachers who have given the competency test will be contributed under the new process. After the completion of the examination, now all the teachers appearing in the examination have to go to their respective districts and get thumb impression and biometric matching done. Following the instructions of the Education Department, Bihar School Examination Committee has written a letter to all the district education officers. Also, the process of making two machines (including operators) available to the offices in all the districts through the selected agency for two months has been started from Wednesday. After passing the competency test, all the qualified candidates will undergo counseling before allotment of school. In this their certificates will be checked. Apart from this, thumb impression and other biometric matching will be done.

Matching will be done three times
Bihar School Examination Board has said that thumb impression and biometric matching of all teacher candidates has to be done thrice. The first examination has taken place at the centre. Now after the examination, the original admission will have to be submitted by the teacher candidate to the District Program Officer (Establishment) of the concerned district. During this, the thumb impression and biometric matching of the teacher candidate will be done by the District Program Officer (Establishment). Besides, the original admit card will be uploaded on the portal and kept safe in the office.

Exam in five stages
The Education Department will give five chances to the employed teachers to get success in the competency test. In this, three chances will be given through online and two chances through offline. In the first phase, 2.32 lakh employed teachers applied to appear in the examination. The Education Department and Bihar Board have not yet shared the information about how many candidates participated. However, those employed teachers who have not applied till now will be given another chance. According to the information, in the first phase less employed teachers of primary schools applied to appear in the examination. According to the number of teachers employed in Bihar, only 70 percent had applied.

Merit will be determined on the basis of marks in aptitude test
Merit will be determined on the basis of marks in the competency test. Teachers who get better marks in the competency test will be allotted the district of their choice. Those who get less marks will be randomly allotted district and school. Like what has been done by BPSC in the teacher appointment examination. The option of three districts has been taken from the employed teachers. However, teachers organizations are continuously opposing this.

Many teachers organizations do not want transfer to other schools
Still many employed teachers organizations are opposing the examination. This is the reason why 30 percent teachers have not applied yet. There are thousands of teachers who do not want district transfer. He is on the verge of retirement. They are running away from the exam. Especially women employed teachers will face more problems due to change in another district. For this reason she does not want to appear in the examination. There is not much difference in the amount of salary after success in this examination. Will get the status of only state employee.