Home Paper Bihar Board 12th Result: BSEB Bihar Board will file FIR against teachers who do not check copies – Bihar Board 12th Result: Bihar Board will file FIR against teachers who do not check copies, Education News

Bihar Board 12th Result: BSEB Bihar Board will file FIR against teachers who do not check copies – Bihar Board 12th Result: Bihar Board will file FIR against teachers who do not check copies, Education News



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Bihar Board has ordered an FIR against the teachers who did not contribute in the examination of Inter copy. Inter copy checking is to be completed by March 4, but till now not even 50 percent of the copies have been checked at many centres. The board has also ordered to appoint retired teachers for timely copy checking at the evaluation centers of the state including Muzaffarpur district. DEO has been given the right to deputize at the local level. The evaluation of answer sheets of Intermediate Annual Examination, 2024 starts from February 24 at the designated evaluation centers in the district. In the review of evaluation works, it was found that according to the subjects allotted at the evaluation centres, the number of subject-wise co-examiners/principal examiners deputed by the committee for evaluation of answer sheets, most of the examiners did not contribute at the evaluation centre. . The answer sheets are not being evaluated as per the minimum limit by those who have contributed. In such a situation, the progress of evaluation of answer sheets is very slow. The board has also sought a reply on the issue that it shows that the evaluation centers are not being reviewed at the district level.

The Board has directed that the DEO will cooperate with the Center Director in the appointment of Principal Examiner or Co-Examiner to complete the evaluation work within the stipulated period. In case of shortage of examiners for any subject, the Center Director himself can depute qualified teachers and guest teachers as examiners at the local level.

But priority will be given to working teachers. Retired teachers of constituent colleges (whose age is less than 70 years on the date of evaluation) and retired teachers of government/nationalized Plus Two schools (whose age is less than 65 years on the date of evaluation) will be co-examined by the Director of the Evaluation Center at the local level. Can be appointed as. In order to do timely evaluation of barcoded answer sheets, the prescribed academic work experience of the examiner has been relaxed to one year and six months.

Where the copy test is to be done, the examination center should be built there.
In Muzaffarpur, examination centers have also been made in the same schools where the copies are to be examined. Matriculation copy checking is to start from March 1st. From this day onwards, there is also an examination for reinstatement on various posts in the Agricultural Service. Examination is to be held for two days in the district regarding reinstatement on various posts of agricultural service. 18 centers have been set up in the district. Among these, there are five centers which have also been made evaluation centers of matriculation copy. Centers for both evaluation and examination have been made in Vidya Bihar, Radha Krishna Kedia, Abeda School, DN High School, Mukherjee Seminary School. The DEO said that there is more space in centers like Mukherjee Seminary, DN High School. In such a situation, there will be examination along with copy checking. On the other hand, copy checking at other centers will start from March 3.

Examiners kept reaching the centers to contribute
Copy checking is to be done at six centers in the district. All testers were ordered to contribute by the evening of 29 February. Examiners kept reaching the evaluation centers till late evening. More than four lakh copies are to be examined in the district. 50 to 60 percent of the examiners at different centers contributed. Center Superintendents said that the contribution has been made, but copy checking will be done only from March 3.

Along with Inter, Matriculation examiners were also made
There are many examiners who have been given the responsibility of inter copy checking and now the letter has been issued for matriculation copy checking also. In this regard, the Board has directed that the examiners who are on duty in checking both the copies will go to check the matriculation copy only after the inter copy checking is over.