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Bihar 10 year old student wants to appear for CBSE 10th board exam reaches High Court – Bihar: This 10 year old student wants to appear for CBSE 10th board exam, reaches High Court, Education News


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There is no dearth of talent in Bihar. A mere 10 years and 10 months old student of a private school in the capital has requested for registration to appear for the CBSE 10th board examination. But CBSE refused registration citing 15 years. After this, on behalf of Sameer Raj, father Arun Sinha has filed a writ petition in the High Court and requested for registration. A single bench of Justice Anil Sinha heard the case.

Advocate Anurag Saurav, on behalf of the applicant, told the court that at the age of just five and a half years, Sameer Raj took the examination for enrollment in class four. After passing the examination, he got admission and got grade A1 and grade 2 in the annual examination of classes four, five and six. Got 91 percent marks in class seven and 95.83 percent marks in class eight. At the age of nine and a half years he was promoted to class nine. He said that the board examination has to be given next year, but the minimum and maximum age for enrollment is not fixed under CBSE Examination Act 6.1 (A). Vinay Krishna Tripathi, on behalf of CBSE, told the court that the applicant’s son took enrollment directly in class four. Whereas for enrollment in class one it is mandatory to be at least five years old.

One must be eight years old to enroll in class eight. He raised questions on the nomination taken in category four and said that it is wrong. The court rejected the questions raised by CBSE and said that looking at the result of the child, it seems that he has the ability to pass the board examination.

The court ordered the applicant to make a representation before the CBSE Chairman with the results of all category examinations. The Chairman was ordered to consider the said application and take a decision. The court has told the Chairman that if he finds that the student is talented then he should order him to be included in the board examination to be held next year. The Speaker will have to take this decision within two months.