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BEd Vs DElEd BTC DEd: Deled won BEd will loose jobs in CG Chhattisgarh primary teacher recruitment – BEd Vs DElEd: BEd people out of Chhattisgarh primary teacher recruitment, appointments of selected ones cancelled, jobs will be taken away, Education News


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Chhattisgarh High Court has excluded the selected B.Ed degree holders from the primary teacher recruitment recruitment. The court has ordered that the state government should remove the appointed B.Ed teachers from their jobs and complete the reinstatement process within 6 months, only those with D.El.Ed should be given appointment in primary teacher recruitment on the basis of merit. This decision of the Division Bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Kumar Sinha has come on the petition of D.El.Ed candidates in which they had challenged the selection of B.Ed candidates in primary teacher recruitment. Based on the Supreme Court’s decision of August 2023, the petitioners demanded that the B.Ed qualification be declared illegal and removed from primary teacher recruitment.

It was said in the petition that in the D.El.Ed course, special training is given to teach children of primary classes. Whereas in B.Ed course, training is given to teach large classes. Inclusion of B.Ed candidates in the recruitment of teachers of small classes will have a negative impact on the quality of education. It was argued on behalf of the petitioners that the state government has violated the decision of the Supreme Court in recruitment.

On May 4, 2023, advertisement was issued for recruitment to about 6500 posts of assistant teachers in Chhattisgarh. The examination was held on 10th June. Both B.Ed and D.El.Ed candidates participated in it.

After hearing the case, the High Court had banned the counseling of B.Ed candidates, which the candidates challenged in the Supreme Court. On this, the Supreme Court stayed the decision of the High Court and directed to give interim appointment to B.Ed teachers, but kept their appointment subject to the final decision of the case pending in the High Court. The final hearing in the case took place on 29 February 2024, after which the High Court reserved the case for decision.

This decision of the Supreme Court was made the basis
The Supreme Court, in its decision dated August 11, 2023, said that only BTC (D.El.Ed.) diploma holders will be eligible to teach primary classes. B.Ed candidates will not be able to apply in Level-1 (1st to 5th class). The bench also rejected the gazette notification of NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education) in which B.Ed degree holders were declared eligible for Level-1 teacher recruitment. In this notification of NCTE, it was said that if B.Ed degree holders pass Level-1, then they will have to do a bridge course of six months after appointment.