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Agniveer Bharti 2024: preparation for change in job rules for 4 years tenure army iaf navy Agniveer Recruitment – Agniveer Recruitment: Good news, preparation for change in job rules for 4 years, Education News


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Despite the end of the service life of Agniveers, the Defense Ministry has received suggestions regarding their re-use in emergency situations. These are being considered. A decision in this regard is likely to be taken before 2026. Because, the tenure of the first batch of Agniveers will end during that time. Under the current rules, after completing four years of service, only a maximum of 25 percent of Agniveers will be made permanent in the army. The other 75 percent or more Agniveer will not be able to remain in the armies. At the time of completion of service, most of them will be around 25 years of age. However, there will be many employment opportunities in state services including police and paramilitary forces. But they may continue to have emergency importance for armies as well.

A recent report presented in Parliament has suggested that the Defense Ministry should set up a mechanism to avail the services of such firefighters in emergency situations. Because, they are fully trained and also young. Whereas, the age of ex-servicemen is much higher. The committee said, a database of firefighters who are eligible and willing to serve again should be prepared, so that they can be called immediately if needed.

Let us tell you, the first batch of Agniveers started work in 2023. Accordingly, the first batch will complete its tenure during 2026-27. Therefore, no immediate decision is expected in this regard. Sources associated with the Defense Ministry say that many suggestions have been received in this regard. Discussions are going on on these. All three armies are preparing records of their respective fire warriors. But, the suggestion for their emergency use is also important.