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After recession lay off so many jobs will be in auto it education sector with good salary


Telecom Sector and IT- According to the Monster Employment Index, the telecom sector has registered good growth in the last months and has performed better than other sectors in terms of hiring. After the arrival of 5G technology, the need for technology trained people will increase in healthcare, auto, retail, manufacturing industries. That is why students can do short-term certification programs related to 5G technology from IT institutes or online platforms. At the same time, even though there are reports of layoffs in some IT companies, there is also an IT company like Ascendian, which is claiming to recruit engineers in India in the next 12 months.

In fact, when there will be a sudden increase in demand after the recession, it would be wise to be prepared for that also. You can do short courses for upskilling in cyber security, data analytics, digital marketing, cloud computing, business analytics. Learn Python language. Knowledge of SQL language will be useful in the field of finance. In creative work, courses of web developer, animation graphic artist will provide work. Platforms like Coursera, Upgrade and big institutes offer such courses.

How to save job amid recession and layoffs, which skills to work on, make your plan B like this

Here one can do upskilling through short term courses in paramedical field. Such as short-term courses related to medical content writing, medical laboratory technician, public health education and health sanitization. These can be of six months to one year duration and those who had PCB or PCM subjects in 12th can do it, people from any stream can also apply for paramedical short term courses. Various paramedical, pharmacy and health care related training institutes conduct these.

Food and Cloud Kitchen
Many certificate courses can be done in this field from IGNOU. You can do short term courses related to cooking, baking, food science technology, short term courses in culinary arts. Nowadays, the trend of cloud kitchen is also being seen. You can start cloud kitchen work by taking training from a professional chef.

Short term courses in counselling, guidance, public speaking and client services, telemarketing, retail and logistics will be useful in the education sector.